Close up of two people shaking hands.

Our mission

The Minnesota Association of Financial Assistance Supervisors (MAFAS) is dedicated to the professional growth and development of its members and committed to building partnerships with particular emphasis on providing an effective and efficient administration of the Income Maintenance (IM) programs.

Our Objectives

  • To promote professionalism for our members
  • To provide a forum for discussing management problems
  • To assist the membership in the effective execution of their duties
  • To provide a network of peer supervisors for networking and mentoring/coaching
  • To share current challenges and solutions
  • To interact with other organizations and individuals to accomplish these ends.

Our vision

To understand the continuing changes in the IM programs and technology while providing support to our members, promoting excellence.

Our values


We can function best if we have earned the respect of our co-workers, county residents, administration, fellow MAFAS members, and other professional organizations.


We are individually responsible for the organization’s success.


We succeed because of the contributions of many people.


We seek to improve the coordination and administration of IM programs through collaboration with individual members, counties, Minnesota Association of County Social Services Administrators (MACSSA) and DHS.


We strive to improve quality by comparing and identifying best practices.


We are willing to maintain an open mind and both influence and embrace change.


We have the confidence to express ourselves openly and work to meet challenges.